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At FLAMIL Professional, our number one goal is customer satisfaction and great service! FLAMIL  provides various services that include: document preparation,  uncontested divorce form filling and filing.   Our office is committed to proper procedures and helping  you with all your Form Filling and Document preparation needs.  Additionally, we provide legal research services for attorneys.  We are not attorneys and do not provide any legal advice.  Our staff is made up a Professional Paralegal by education and experience, who is ready to recommend you to the American Bar Association for Legal Advice when requested.  Providing our clients with knowledge and procedures of the NJ court systems for specifically "Do it yourself kits". among other services.


With dedication and humbleness FLAMIL will provide you with the most Professional and Reliable services.  All this and much more at reasonable prices!

"Pro Se" Uncontested Divorce, "Self Help Kits" Document Preparation and Form Filling

All people have the right to access the courts.  Not all common legal issues require the hiring of an attorney.  If your Divorce is "uncontested"  and you are in agreement with your spouse the court system can automatically grant your divorce.   Our staff will help you with the proper procedures.  All to include document preparation,  form filling and organization.

Certified Translations

Our office offers a  wide range of language related translations.  Our team  of native speakers are professionals who deliver a high quality, fast and certified translation as the product.

Registered Tax Return Preparer

Our Tax Preparer is highly qualified.  With her experience she has been helping the community since the year 2002.  Her dedication to helping  people and businesses through difficult tax questions and forms preparation has allowed us to grow.  Tax preparation is a competitive field.  With our Professionalism and Reasonable prices we have been able to succeed.  Give us your Tax problems we can help you!  

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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